The CEHI DataHub contains detailed information for datasets created and curated by the Children's Environmental Health Initiative. Both dataset level and attribute level metadata are available along with descriptions, lineage, data types, and MeSH headings, where appropriate. The hub serves as a source of information about CEHI datasets available for public use and for collaboration.

CEHI DataHub

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Powering Research Through Innovative Methods for Mixtures in Epidemiology (PRIME)

The central objective of this project is to develop new data architecture, statistical, and machine learning methods to assess how exposure to environmental mixtures shapes educational outcomes in the presence or absence of social stress.

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Minority Health and Health Disparities Research

The objective of this project is to investigate how environmental and socioeconomic status factors, which represent modifiable risks, can jointly contribute to health disparities in the older population.

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The Indiana COVID-19 Registry is a research study that provides real-time information on the spread of COVID-19, who is being affected, and how.